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1942 - 2013

The following is a chronological outline of the life and times of Australian artist Martin Sharp. It includes relevant dates along with extracts from articles publications referring to his work.


21 January - Martin Sharp born in Bellevue Hill, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Sharp enrols in the National Art School, Sydney.


Sharp submits cartoons to The Bulletin magazine.

Sharp enrols in 2 terms in architecture at the University of Sydney, before returning to the National Art School.


Sharp attends the National Art School and draws cartoons for The Bulletin magazine and the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.


1 April - first edition of OZ Sydney magazine published.

May - OZ magazine no.2.

June - OZ magazine no.3. Editors charged with obscenity for the first time, as a result of this issue.

July - OZ magazine no.4.

December - OZ magazine no.5.


February - OZ magazine no.6. Editors charged for a second time with obscenity, arising from this issue.

March - OZ magazine no.7.

April - OZ magazine no.8.

April - editors charged with obscenity for the second time.

May - OZ magazine no.9.

June - OZ magazine no.10.

July  - OZ magazine no.11.

August - OZ magazine no.12.

23 September - OZ editors found guilty of obscenity from 2nd trial trial arising out of issue no.6.

17 September - The Art of Sharp, Woroni (Australian National University student newspaper).

September - OZ magazine no.13.

October - OZ magazine no.14.

October - OZ editors found guilty at 2nd trial and given prison sentences. Appeal lodged.

November - OZ magazine no.15.


January - OZ magazine no.16.

February - OZ magazine no.17.

April  - OZ magazine no.18.

May - OZ magazine no.19.

June - OZ magazine no.20.

August  - OZ magazine no.21.

September - OZ magazine no.22.

October - OZ magazine no.23.

December  - OZ magazine no.24.


January - OZ magazine no.25.

February - court appeal upheld and 2nd charges dismissed.

February - Martin Sharp and Richard Neville leave Australia on an overland trek to London, via South East Asia.

March - OZ magazine no.26. This is the last issue of Sydney OZ to be edited by Neville, Sharp and Walsh. Martin Sharp and Richard Neville continue to have input into the magazine during their travels and whilst resident in London, up until the final edition of February 1969.

May - OZ magazine no.27.

June - OZ magazine no.28.


January - OZ London magazine no.1.

March - OZ London magazine no.2.

May - OZ London magazine no.3.

June - OZ London magazine no.4.

- Cannabis poster printed. Later reprinted by Big O Posters of London.

July - OZ London magazine no.5.

August - OZ London magazine no.6.

October - OZ London magazine no.7.

October - Bob Dylan poster, Big O Posters.


January - OZ London magazine no.8.

February - OZ London magazine no.9.

March - OZ London magazine no.10.

April - OZ London magazine no.11.

May - OZ London magazine no.12.

June - OZ London magazine no.13.

July - OZ London magazine no.14.

September - OZ London magazine no.15.

30 October - Martin Sharp sees Tiny Tim perform at the Royal Albert Hall, London. It is a transformative moment in his life.

November - OZ London magazine no.16.

December - OZ London magazine no.17.


February - OZ London magazine no.18.

March - OZ London magazine no.19.

April - OZ London magazine no.20.

May - OZ London magazine no.21.

July - OZ London magazine no.22.

September - OZ London magazine no.23.

November - OZ London magazine no.24.

December - OZ London magazine no.25.

- Sharp returned to Australia.


February - OZ London magazine no.26.

April - OZ London magazine no.27.

May - Sharp stages an exhibition at the old Clune Gallery, 59 Macleay Street, Potts Point, Sydney.

- OZ London magazine no.28.

July - OZ London magazine no.29.

October - OZ London magazine no.30.

November - OZ London magazine no.31.


January - OZ London magazine no.32.

February - OZ London magazine no.33.

1 April - official launch of the Yellow House.

April - OZ London magazine no.34.

May - OZ London magazine no.35.

June - exhibition at the University of Canberra Aquarius Arts Festival.

June - August - OZ trial in London, of Richard Neville, Jim Anderson and Felix Dennis.

July - OZ London magazine no.36.

September - OZ London magazine no.37.

November - OZ London magazine no.38.

December - OZ London magazine no.39.


Sharp visits England. Art Book published.

February - OZ London magazine no.40.

April - OZ London magazine no.41.

May - OZ London magazine no.42.

July - OZ London magazine no.43.

September - OZ London magazine no.44.

November - OZ London magazine no.45.


Martin Sharp exhibition at the Bonython Gallery, Sydney.

January - OZ London magazine no.46.

April - OZ London magazine no.47.

November - OZ London magazine no.48.


Sharp purchases the family house Wirian at Bellvue Hill, Sydney.


9 June - Ghost Train fire at Luna Park, Sydney, kills 6 children and 1 adult. Sharp is traumatised by this and it haunts him for the rest of his life.


August - exhibition at the Barry Stern Gallery, Sydney.


October - exhibition of Martin Sharp works at the Museum of Sydney. Runs to March 2010.


1 December - Martin Sharp dies in Sydney.

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